Boost conversion rates by reducing waiting time of pages having to load. Quick one click install

Getting Started with Rapido

Once the app is installed on your Shopify store its already up and running. No need to configure or install anything, its simply a once click install process.You can configure the app for a more detailed repsonse in terms of prelo...

How Does It Work Visibility

Rapido - Page Speed Booster preloads the page just before the user clicks on it. When a user hovers over a link, it will start loading the HTML part of that webpage in the background and it can save 100 milliseconds of latency.The...

Rapido Settings

First head over to the settings page to view the available settings.You will find a section called 'Intensity' which allows you to configure how the app interacts with the users browser.There are 5 options to choose from. Each are...

App Visibility

Head over to the Settings page to view the available settings.You will find an option for 'Disable App'. This will allow you to turn the app on or off whilst leaving all settings in their current state, yet wont have any affect on...

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