Quick and simple way to add Google Fonts, Adobe Fonts and custom fonts to your theme without coding

Getting Started with Fonty

Upon installing the app on your Shopify store, you will be presented with the Fonts page. From this page you can activate new fonts, upload custom fonts, and manage each of the font settings....

Google Fonts uploading and setting

On the Fonts page, you will see a section dedicated to the free Google Fonts. Click "Add" button to upload available google fonts, then choose icons at the end of the row to preview and activate your font. Go back to mai...

Adobe Fonts step 1 - adding API token

For Adobe fonts to work on your store, we need to connect to your creative cloud account via API. You will generate your API key on your Adobe account (you may need to sign into your creative cloud account first), use the link we'...

Adobe Fonts step 2 - Creating Kit for Web Project

Important to remember. There is no full synchronisation between Adobe and Fonty, while deleting Font from Adobe it won't apply to Fonty and vice versa (example below), if you would like to delete font from both Adobe&Fonty you...

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